Trying out Mastodon at

The German Amateur Radio Club (DARC) has just recently set up their own Mastodon-based social network server. It’s basically a social network similar to Twitter with a decentralized server structure. I think I’ll try it out for the next couple of weeks and share bits and pieces of daily adventures which may not fit in a classic blog format. Currently there are 114 registered entities at DARC and perhaps more people and amateur radio districts will join.

I must admit that I strongly dislike the anti-social part of social networking which extends in the fields of politics, religion, manipulation, opinions, viral social debates and trolling. One word: internet toxicity. I like fun and memes. Let’s hope the toots stay technical and hobby-related 🙂

You can read my toots (this is how they call tweets in Mastodon) here:

If you’re member of the DARC, you can set up a Mastodon account with your existing login information at

Currently I’m preparing my equipment for the next SAQ broadcast on Sunday, July 2nd 2023. There will be two transmissions: first transmission at 11:00 and second at 14:00 o’clock (CEST).

Preparing for the SAQ transmission. Some items from the junk bin.

Have a wonderful day!

73, DH7DN