Lost & Found

Siffing through junk, I found few memorabilia.

My old lab coat. Bought in 2005, used until 2012.

The lab coat is still in a good shape despite its age and chemical torture!
This is the reason why you should wear a lab coat. It protects you and your clothes from nasty stuff like spills of acids and lye, organic compounds, powders and dust etc. In case of emergency, it buys you few seconds of valuable time – just enough to take it off and take further measures (exchange clothes).
Few items found inside of the pockets. The calculator is still working. The red/orange rubber pieces are cut out from a vacuum hose. Its purpose is for thermal protection for fingers when touching hot/cold surfaces. This is not a standard lab procedure and it’s not allowed mostly due to safety concerns. 😉

And last but not least: a slider rule Aristo 0903 which I have not used in a decade! Still got the user manual!

I will reuse the lab coat in my electronics lab 🙂